In Praise of the Wonder My Sons See

In praise of the wonder my sons see in the world I sing. In praise of My Little Ponies, trampolines, pretend swords and pretend sword fights. In praise of the Greenland shark in Iceland that lives so deep underwater its meat becomes poisonous. In praise of hours of strange scribbles appearing suddenly as turtles, sharks, […]

I Confess When I Was a Boy

I confess when I was a boy I had unfounded contempt for a kid in my neighborhood who needed a friend. I confess one day, he came to my backyard to play. I confess when I saw him, I said something in the vein of “Hey, haven’t you heard of private property?” I confess he […]

In Praise of a Light Rain in Early Morning

In praise of a light rain in early morning I sing. In praise of my warm, sluggish body in bed. In praise of a wrinkle in the covers letting a sliver of cold air run down my back. In praise of the gradual glow of bedroom windows and the slow breathing of a beloved spouse. […]

Let My Body Be Wracked With Fits of Thankfulness

Let my body be wracked with fits of thankfulness as it rots away. Let the slow decay of muscle fibers, ligaments, organs, bones be overwhelmed by the compounding force of praise. Let my body enter rigor mortis only in the paralyzing sublimity of the things of this world.

I Confess I Am Tired Today

I confess I am tired today. I confess my mind will not be wrangled into steady focus. I confess I am a slave to random neurological events today. I confess that these are stealing essential energy away from my will. I confess I am unfaithful in these little things. I confess I am inadequately equipped […]

Let Us Find in One Another The Courage

Let us find in one another the courage to return to ourselves. Let us ask one another tenderly to expose our untreated wounds from beneath our make-shift bandages. Let us find in our words the sterile instruments needed for mending our separations. Let us not hide from one another the running sores that we cannot […]

Let Me Build an Unyielding Mind

Let me build an unyielding mind. Let my will be mercilessly imposed in the kingdom of my self. Let the fear of those who are afraid for me not penetrate the fortress I have built. Let me see clearly the path, and find readily the grit to march on to its end. Let me not, […]

In Praise of the Hush of Early Morning I Sing

In praise of the hush of early morning I sing. In praise of the hum of automatic climate control. In praise of large-scale manufacturing. In praise of drunks and addicts, bigots, altruists, millennials, boomers, Charlie Puth, Drake, Mick Jagger, Wu-Tang, the Communist Party, Martin Luther King Jr., water heaters, angry drivers, concrete, penicillin, Instagram, computing […]

Let Me While My Blood is Hot

Let me while my blood is hot be unflinching in the face of death. Let me be conscious of the seconds passing through my arteries, capillaries, and veins. The minutes passing through my liver, kidneys, and bladder. The hours passing through my hypothalamus, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Let my ribosomes knit quickly the amino […]

Let Us Rest Momentarily Today From Our Consciousness

Let us rest momentarily today from our consciousness. Let us simply stand under a tree and marvel at the undersides of leaves. Let us take in the beautiful anatomy of a house cat running silently through our yard. Let us, without reason, laugh to ourselves upon discovering a new birthmark on our long-time lover’s naked […]

Let Us Rejoice in the Work We Have Completed Today

Let us rejoice in the work we have completed today. Let the vast mountains and rivers we have yet to cross not blind us to the ones behind. Let us pause, however briefly, to celebrate the progress we have made, however insignificant. Let us be patient with the distance we have come, not knowing how […]

Let Me Become the Noble Son of Seneca

Let me become the noble son of Seneca. Let me inherit the wealth of Aristotle, Epicurus, and Socrates. Let me celebrate with my brothers Whitman and Thoreau. Let me, when I am afraid, cling to the skirts of my mothers Dickenson, Oliver, and Levertov. Let my heirs receive a vast, unspoiled estate. And let me […]

Let Us Refuse the Medications of the World Today

Let us refuse the medications of the world today. Let us see clearly the work we must complete. Let us take courage to complete it. Let us not, for fear of imperfection, put off what must be done. Let us find that perhaps our work is to pour out compassion on those who cannot refuse […]

Let Us Remember, However Vaguely, The People of Timucua

Let us remember, however vaguely, the people of Timucua. Let us ponder their annihilation at the ornate altars of Christendom and Free Market. Let us imagine, as clearly as we can, the scenes of women and children raped, men beaten into slavery, villages slaughtered. Let us acknowledge that Timucua was not the name they gave […]

In Praise of Lemongrass and Grapefruit I Sing

In praise of lemongrass and grapefruit I sing. In praise of limequat, loquat, cumquat, satsuma, confederate jasmine, elephant ear, juniper, canna lily, aloe vera, peppergrass, sow thistle, bottle brush, and dollar weed I sing. In praise of earth bearing patiently, one more day, the feet of human kind I sing.

I Confess I Did Not Help the Woman

I confess I did not help the woman whose furniture fell out of her truck in the middle of Butler Blvd in the rain. I confess I watched her struggle to flip her loveseat back on the truck by herself with another bulky arm chair still in the road. I confess that she was in […]

Let My Past Be Dissolved

Let my past be dissolved. Let it slowly run off my body like caked blood in a hot shower. The indulgence in lust, and greed, and sloth. The sadism. The masochism. The trauma I have given and received. Let the present be my only weight. Let it be small in mass, but heavy in the […]

Let Me Think of Death More Often

Let me think of death more often. Let it get in my lungs and expire as prayer. Let it reach back from where it lies ahead and pull my body into the resistance of it today. Let time, my silent enemy, not be silent today. Let my prayer become a weapon to beat him back. […]