The Ones We Love Will Die

The ones we love will die. Some before us, some after. Some tragically, some peacefully. But let us keep this thought at the back of our minds. It is useful for at least two things: For the measure of validity in ideas, epistemologies, and modes of living. For the drinking in of every moment they […]

We Do Not Speak Anymore

We do not speak anymore. You are far from the old words we used when I was a boy. Perhaps it is because you are too close now to hear – like bacteria or atmosphere. Perhaps your silence is a new language I must learn.

Perhaps it is True We are One

Perhaps it is true we are one. The fresh green ground in our yard; one with the blood-soaked dirt of whatever genocide is happening in Africa today. The dark rooms we find so comfortable for sleep; one with the rooms used for the torture of prisoners. Our children; one with the small slaves used for […]

Let Us Begin to Trust the Melancholy

Let us begin to trust the melancholy that finds us in quiet places. Let us not reject it too quickly as a symptom of our weakness. Let us begin to probe and find its shape in us. Let us begin to see the reinforcement of structures for living within us – or perhaps the building […]

Let Us Love Out From Our Solitude

Let us love out from our solitude. Let us seek neither power nor impotence; not taking from our lovers the dignity we must build in them; not falsely surrendering the things in us that cannot be given. Let us love furiously, but solemnly.

I Confess Yesterday I Cussed Out a Young Girl

I confess yesterday I cussed out a young girl walking down my street. She was around 14, with what I assumed to be her two little sisters. One of them, around five or six, was crying uncontrollably on the ground while the 14-year old hit her with a backpack telling her to get up and […]

Let Us Remember When We Are Abandoned

Let us remember when we are abandoned, the ground has not left us. The soft winds of salt marshes, pine scrub, and low waterways have not left us. The egret landing gracefully to search for food in the rich mud has not left us. The fiddler crab scrambling to find his hole has not left […]

In Praise of the World We Carry

In praise of the world we carry inside of us I sing. In praise of the ancient water warmed to a pleasant 98.6 degrees. The carbon circulating in and out of bodies for a million generations give or take. In praise of whatever it is that cannot be spoken in us. In praise of our […]

Let Us Draw from the Darkness Ahead

Let us draw from the darkness ahead, a plain curiosity. Let us not succumb to the natural fear of our ancestors. Let us imagine one ape years ago looking out into the night, bemused. Wondering what all the hullabaloo was about. Let us imagine he was not eaten by a pack of prehistoric wolves, but […]

Let My Heavy Eyes Open Wider

Let our heavy eyes open wider today than yesterday. Let us be more awake to the suffering of our neighbors. Let us use more of what strength we have to carry something for them. Let us find more allies who can carry these things if we cannot. Let us today bear the burdens in one […]

In Praise of a Trampoline in the Morning Rain

In praise of a trampoline in the morning rain I sing. In praise of my boys’ slipping, jumping, wild, raw bodies contorting sans anchor-point, slamming down on polypropylene weave, flaking bits of skin and spit I sing. In praise of flinging micro drops of rain back up and (camera zooming in on water drops with […]

Let Us Listen to the Voiceless Dead

Let us listen to the voiceless dead. Let us consider our limitless capacity for violence from fear. The brutalist, reinforced concrete social structures we have poured to cement in place those who would vary from the norm. The blank eyes of war when our rebar is insufficient for the prevention of their crumbling. The resulting […]

Let Us Not Pronounce Guilt Too Quickly

Let us not pronounce guilt too quickly upon one another. Not knowing the constellations we have projected for ourselves in the stars. Not knowing what adversity we have risen above; what horrors we have buckled underneath. Not knowing what blood we have poured out upon what altars in the name of what gods. Let us […]

In Praise of My Remaining Questions

In praise of my remaining questions I sing. In praise of mourning the loss of questions I no longer have, I sing. In praise of idle questions that dead-end in the forgotten classrooms of epistemology I sing. In praise of questions that unlock – note by note – the confounding song of being I sing. […]

Let Us Live Our Lives in Heat

Let us live our lives in heat. Let us find the erotic in a pile of leaves, the cascading curves of small rocks in a driveway, the obviously phallic fungi on a rotting wood pile. Let us mate with the world and not fear its pregnancy in us. Let us birth with it new worlds […]

Let Us Be Aware of the Time

Let us be aware of the time. Let us imagine somewhere a clock that cannot be wound again, ticking. Let us imagine there is a divine number written on every step, every meal, every orgasm. Let us imagine the remaining number could be one, one hundred, one thousand. Let us, with this thought, love one […]

Let Us Not Be Discouraged By Well-Meaning Advice

Let us not be discouraged by well-meaning advice. Let us remember that in the most important things, we are unspeakably alone. That we must find our way without help. Let us consider that perhaps a friend is one who attends not our way, but our loneliness. Let us find in one another the consolation to […]

Let Us Go Into Ourselves With Great Tenderness

Let us go into ourselves with great tenderness. Let us not seek to write the final anthem on love and being. Let us begin by writing a small cappuccino or the flaking plaster of an old wall, or the red gums of a panting dog. Let us find what these things tell us. If transcendent […]

Let Us Remember the Mystery of the Ground

Let us remember the mystery of the ground. How the dirt has somehow knit itself together into what we think of as ourselves. How we will somehow be undone and released back into it. How our bodies will become again life. First in small bacteria, then worms and insects, then on to sycamores, sparrows, bats, […]

Let Us Resist Together the Ones

Let us resist together the ones who do not love the earth. Those who long for the abstractions and cloudy geometries of the gods. Those who sit in dark rooms perfectly designed to obscure the senses. Those who pray diligently – eyes closed – to imaginary torsos of bearded men. Those who sing in rapture […]