I Confess Yesterday I Cussed Out a Young Girl

I confess yesterday I cussed out a young girl walking down my street.

She was around 14, with what I assumed to be her two little sisters. One of them, around five or six, was crying uncontrollably on the ground while the 14-year old hit her with a backpack telling her to get up and walk. I confess I felt uncontrollable rage.

I belted out “What the fuck! That is a little kid! That is a fucking little kid.”

I confess all three girls withered under the heat of my voice and I realized the older one was still a child.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

Then with some composure I fumbled out, “treat her better and keep walking down the street or I’m calling the cops.”

By now the little one had completely stopped crying and was terrified that a strange man was yelling at her sister and threatening to call the cops. All three walked quietly down the street away from me.

I confess my righteous anger seems smaller and pettier the longer I live.