I Am Responsible for You My Brother, My Sister

I am responsible for you my brother, my sister. You are responsible for me. We are one. We are together titanic and easily sunk. But I see myself in you. We have been close friends for as long as I can remember. Oh sister, brother, how we have betrayed one another. How alone we are. […]

My Eyes Open to a Light Rain and Mockingbird Song

My eyes open to a light rain and mockingbird song. In the moment it takes for sleep to fall from the crevices of my consciousness, the world is alien. I have traveled here from a more ordinary planet. How strange that water falls from the sky; that a creature flies around and makes beautiful sounds […]

Let Us Live Intestinally

Let us live intestinally. Our body’s peristalsis sinking the fullness of life down into us. Our villi with their tiny networks of capillaries slowly consuming it, yes, but also repurposing it into peptides, amino and fatty acids, monosaccharides. Let its lipids, proteins, carbohydrates invigorate our noblest selves – not rejecting – incorporating the animal. Let […]

In Praise of This One Breath

In praise of this one breath I sing. In praise of one more moment of life. One more clamping and opening of our chambered hearts. One more white blood cell manufactured in the hollow of our bones. One more second of the thronging earth assimilating with our senses. In praise of this one breath that […]

My Mind Will Not Be Tamed Today

My mind will not be tamed today. Scenes keep popping up. An imagined smart ass comment to my boss. A dying Episcopal Church and the sadness of its people who persist in denial. A future RV and life lived in Walmart parking lots across the West. My wife’s recent dream of a pottery studio in […]

Let Us Gather Wisdom at Her Required Pace

Let us gather wisdom at her required pace, not ours. In nature there is often a slow growth followed by an explosion of color – the lily, the agave, the botanical and avian birds of paradise and their millions of years of evolution. So it is with us – creatures of the natural world. And […]

In Praise of the Unloved I Sing

In praise of the unloved I sing. In praise of the drunks and addicts gathering in the circles of seven-step programs. In praise of the ones who do not gather. In praise of the sluts, the whores, and the cum dumpsters. In praise of the public urinators. In praise of self-credentialed secret agents on their […]

Let Us Beware the Impulse to Stamp Out the Light

Let us beware the impulse to stamp out the light in a child’s eyes. The world is more beautiful for children. And we despise them for it. We observe with primal malice their bubbling over of amazing nature facts or the height of their last vertical leap. What the world has ground into us, we […]

In Praise of Maggots

In praise of maggots, those illustrious eaters of the dead I sing. For while we destroy the earth, they will persist and feed on the crumbs we leave in our greedy wake. The dead forests turned into dead houses. Dead oceans turned into dead human shit. Dead mammals, reptiles, birds, turned into dead dirt. All […]

In Praise of the Unformed Thought I Sing

In praise of the unformed thought I sing. In praise of its black abyss of potential. In praise of the weakness that keeps me from lifting its trusses too quickly. In praise of the elbow grease I must apply, the cells that must reproduce and die in me, the life I must spend to see […]

In Praise of my Boys Razor Scootering in the House I Sing

In praise of my boys razor scootering in the house I sing. Slowly destroying the hardwood floors. One more thing I’ll have to fix if I ever want to sell or rent this place. Cutting into my equity with every lap around the living room. I could command them to stop, but at what cost? […]

In Praise of the Silent Mystery of Songs Extinct I Sing

In praise of the silent mystery of songs extinct I sing. In praise of their brutal sound – their dead silent blank. In praise of the possibility the ancient rocks will hear again their refrain a universe or two from now. In praise of the possibility they won’t. In praise of the carbon in long-since […]

Let Us Beware; The Dark Touch of the Protestant God

Let us beware; the dark touch of the protestant god. The one who cripples at the hip with the accusation of depravity. The one who commands us then to take up our mat and walk through his towering cathedrals of thought or be damned. The one whose Gnostic heresies would have us sing with fervor […]

Let Us Forgive Our Child Selves

Let us forgive our child selves. The world is not kind to children. Children who wonder wide-eyed at its thresher sharks, rocket ships, octopi – then are told to bury it. Are told there is nothing sacred in it – in themselves. Are told they are cursed along with it. It must have been crippling […]

The Thwopping Drops of Rain

the thwopping drops of rain on saw palmetto the beat of steady drips on gutter metal the knocking water on the billion solids of the earth the wet dirt iron odor thumping past my nostril hair a February rain in Florida fucking lays me out

How the Sadness of a Single Human Life

How the sadness of a single human life compounds with time. How in a generation, maybe two if we are lucky – the way our mouths wrinkle into laughter, the way we can’t remember which dishes go where for the thousandth time, the way our bodies have pulsed with rage over small injustices, the way […]

The Highbush Blueberries

The highbush blueberries are budding their puritan-white flowers. I am walking in the pine flatwoods with my two sons and dog. My dog stops at a stream. In this light there are soft brown tannins in the shallows. She drinks the light oak and pine tea. My sons catch some unfortunate brown anoles and wonder […]

In Praise of the Eastern Lubber Nymph

In praise of the eastern lubber nymph shedding its exoskeleton I sing. Hanging it from small branches and leaves – telling intruders “turn back, or face a similar fate – the flaying alive and stringing up of your former self.” In praise of our uncivilized, alien world I sing.

Let Us Be Wary of Advice

Let us be wary of advice. It is true we may endlessly deceive ourselves – but self-deceit, for all its infinite depth, can at least be plumbed to a point. Let us not, for fear of self-deceit, trust the misguided words of those who cannot judge for themselves the eternity of their lies. Let us […]

These Are the Names of the Dead

These are the names of the dead: Alyssa Alhadeff, Martin Duque Anguiano, Scott Beigel, Nicholas Dworet, Aaron Feis, Jaime Guttenberg, Christopher Hixon, Luke Hoyer, Cara Loughran, Gina Montalto, Joaquin “Guac” Oliver, Alaina Petty, Meadow Pollack, Helena Ramsay, Alex Schachter, Carmen Schentrup, Peter Wang O the fortune of those who mourn; they will be comforted.