On the Dollar Weed


Dear Friends,

I am concerned because we do not honor the dollar weed.

It is true, the dollar weed cannot love like us.
And the dollar weed cannot observe, or speak, or think like us.
But friends, these things do not make the dollar weed less honorable.

The dollar weed is honorable because
it is green
it lives quietly
it resists our attempts to kill it
it grows first horizontally, then vertically

But perhaps most importantly for our purpose here
the dollar weed is honorable because of its work
to open beneath the difficult sky.

It is a work which I believe is our work too.
And it is a work which I believe we are neglecting.

Admittedly friends, this is not our whole work.
But I am concerned because it is a seminal work.
One that our whole work cannot be worked without.

Now, there are various biological discrepancies that should be considered.
The main ones being language, cognition and the like.

In these, we are not like the dollar weed.
But we are no less honorable.

It is my opinion that to open like the dollar weed,
given our biology,
is to carefully name and unname
the various things of this world.

It is difficult friends, but I do not know another way.

Friends, let us honor the dollar weed
opening beneath the difficult sky.