If 150 People Donate $1 Per Psalm, I Can Write Poetry Full Time

First, thank you for even considering visiting this page. If you’ve been one of my readers for any amount of time, you should know that I am incredibly grateful that you would take the time to read anything I’ve written.

Second, if you would like to take the next step in supporting my writing, the best way you can do that is to consider donating a small, monthly sum to help me replace the income from my day-job. Right now, if 150 people donated $1.00 for every daily psalm I write, I could make a full-time income writing poetry – and fulfill a nearly life-long dream of mine.

So far, most people have told me I’m crazy – that no one will find poetry (especially the poetry of an uncredentialed amateur) valuable enough to consider donating $30.00 a month. But every time someone new sends me a note saying how much they love the poems, I’m convinced there are at least 150 people out there who are crazy enough to do it.

For the curious, I plan to use the money to:

  • Spend much more time writing poetry (beyond just these psalms)
  • Creating really cool things for you – like monthly hard-copy chapbooks at cost, editorial essay-like content, perhaps even live readings and events – the possibilities are endless
  • Become location independent and travel with my family of four so my wife and I can teach our two small boys about the vastness of the world

If you’re crazy and want to support my writing, please consider donating using the Paypal subscription button below.

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