A Christian Scientist Funeral

“There is no mourning, death, or strife?” You fools who deny death, deny life. Well did Jesus prophesy when he said, “leave the dead to bury their own dead.” You are just shadows in a shadowy place. And your funerals are a goddamn disgrace.

The Sandpiper and the Fool

A sandpiper snaps into a turn and sprints around the beach directionless. Mad to find some morsel underneath the sand. She pushes down her beak, nothing, angles off in some direction, stops, And pokes the beach again. Ah, but now— a bit of flesh. A spike of violence keeps her there a millisecond longer to […]

Growing Up

A little boy, on learning from adults about opposable thumbs Asks the oak tree what it’s like to live without them. The oak tree, being wise, gives no answer. The little boy, a fool, doesn’t ask again.

Bichon Frise

Consider the trash can, bichon frise,you piss upon outsideStarbucks. There is no one to comfort himNo shelter from the elements (including yours)No simple pleasure to relieve his toil. Still, he sits in spite of thisdefiant.Quietly laboring in his terrible officetaking in the waste of this world.Keeping coffee cups from purgatoryonce their fresh brewed glory is spent.They come to […]

The Old Man: On Women

When I was your age,Love Bugs would get so damn thick…Anyway I hated em. So I’dCatch me a real juicy pairAnd I’d smush the big one just like that! Ha Ha, and then I’dLaugh and laugh…the poor littleBastard’d try to pull himself outtaThat old squished woman-bug,Probbly pulled somethin’ else tryin’. Ha!