Let Me Become the Noble Son of Seneca

Let me become the noble son of Seneca. Let me inherit the wealth of Aristotle, Epicurus, and Socrates. Let me celebrate with my brothers Whitman and Thoreau. Let me, when I am afraid, cling to the skirts of my mothers Dickenson, Oliver, and Levertov. Let my heirs receive a vast, unspoiled estate. And let me […]

Let Us Refuse the Medications of the World Today

Let us refuse the medications of the world today. Let us see clearly the work we must complete. Let us take courage to complete it. Let us not, for fear of imperfection, put off what must be done. Let us find that perhaps our work is to pour out compassion on those who cannot refuse […]

Let Us Remember, However Vaguely, The People of Timucua

Let us remember, however vaguely, the people of Timucua. Let us ponder their annihilation at the ornate altars of Christendom and Free Market. Let us imagine, as clearly as we can, the scenes of women and children raped, men beaten into slavery, villages slaughtered. Let us acknowledge that Timucua was not the name they gave […]

In Praise of Lemongrass and Grapefruit I Sing

In praise of lemongrass and grapefruit I sing. In praise of limequat, loquat, cumquat, satsuma, confederate jasmine, elephant ear, juniper, canna lily, aloe vera, peppergrass, sow thistle, bottle brush, and dollar weed I sing. In praise of earth bearing patiently, one more day, the feet of human kind I sing.

I Confess I Did Not Help the Woman

I confess I did not help the woman whose furniture fell out of her truck in the middle of Butler Blvd in the rain. I confess I watched her struggle to flip her loveseat back on the truck by herself with another bulky arm chair still in the road. I confess that she was in […]

Let My Past Be Dissolved

Let my past be dissolved. Let it slowly run off my body like caked blood in a hot shower. The indulgence in lust, and greed, and sloth. The sadism. The masochism. The trauma I have given and received. Let the present be my only weight. Let it be small in mass, but heavy in the […]

Let Me Think of Death More Often

Let me think of death more often. Let it get in my lungs and expire as prayer. Let it reach back from where it lies ahead and pull my body into the resistance of it today. Let time, my silent enemy, not be silent today. Let my prayer become a weapon to beat him back. […]

The Palmetto Weevil

The palmetto weevil sings the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. God what a horror to behold. I am heavy with death and the tragedy of words. I sift it through my past and my body in the race to build some kind of arc. But the fullness will not be mined. It […]

To My Wife

We are both a disappointment. But most days, it is enough for me to see a fingernail or two of yours in clear, morning light, and you are returned to me. My soft bipedal mammal. Our small animal love is again larger than Plato’s soaring delusions.

On the Dollar Weed

Dear Friends, I am concerned because we do not honor the dollar weed. It is true, the dollar weed cannot love like us. And the dollar weed cannot observe, or speak, or think like us. But friends, these things do not make the dollar weed less honorable. The dollar weed is honorable because it is […]


Dear friend, I am dying Like everyone else Like everyone else I am alone Is it us? Or is it you?

The Cost of Living

Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life. Isaiah 43:4 Please God What do I cost? My bacteria chewed by blood My grass crushed by foot My cows ground by gut My knowledge quashed by brain My oaks gnarled by concrete My rivers dried […]

To My Son, Dancing Alone in the Gulf of Mexico, July 10, 2015

My son, I wish that I could break myself into the song, the ancient one, that makes you dance there on the continental shelf. It rattled in the boy I was, and aches now from the years. If I was it, not me, then I would stay this sweet for you and free. Like you […]

Tell Me Resin Joseph (A Christmas Poem)

Tell me resin Joseph on your walnut mantle perch red of duraflame® blaze beneath you in the Christmas fire, white of Sherwin Williams 7562 Interior above you on the Christmas wall. How faithful to the incarnation you seem hell below, heaven above, Immanuel between. But for the stockings hanging there from finishing nails and the […]

Maxforce FC Ant Bait Station

“Due to Fipronil and its accelerated domino effect kill, Maxforce Ant Bait Stations start to kill ants in just six hours. Tests show 90% population reductions in just four days for ants.” -Amazon.com product description I love them with a stillness like regret. And when they enter me I gather up the consciousness to play […]


Dear God, I know it’s much to ask of you but please, please make this great big bag of skittles have lots more reds than any other color. In fact, I’ll boldly pray in faith that you will make them all the red kind. Be it so! But if you don’t and choose instead in all your […]

Sea Dog

In the splintering rain the old sheepdog sat on the dock with hair like seaweed waiting. He did not note the wood as it whimpered and rose into snarls at every wave, the few boats rubbing the dock struggling to dry. If the storm had let him see those two tumbling blues trysting on the […]

Apple Core

Ah! nom de Dieu! qu’ont donc crié ces entrecôtes -Guillaume Apollinaire Guillaume Apollinaire, an apple core am I. Tell me, is this thing you have done, your plucking of my tree away from me, your violent “mastications,” as you call them, is this thing so good that you could whistle through my pulp stuck in […]

The Old Bitch Gets Out Of Bed In Three Parts

For Callie I. She sleeps naked every night under just a quilt she fashioned from her husband’s flannel shirts. Retreating from a dream of marriage stealing only smells away, she warms. Her body creaks and coaxes her awake. She senses from underneath her quilt that night has honed itself and burgeoned into morning. It’s then […]

Fall of the Rock of Ages

I didn’t think too much about the sign at first. After all, I don’t have the Faith like a child. Mama said I don’t have faith enough to trust in gravity. She’s wrong I think. She didn’t know I just need proof sometimes. That’s why I didn’t think too hard about it when that book […]