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Paul and his wife Callie in St. Augustine, FL

Paul and his wife Callie at a wedding in St. Augustine, FL

Paul Cheney is a writer who currently lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Callie and sons Rowan and Graham. Paul tries to regularly publish his original poetry either online or in publications across the world.

Below is a sample poem by Paul:

Bichon Frise

Consider the trash can, bichon frise,
you piss upon outside

There is no one to comfort him
No shelter from the elements (including yours)
No simple pleasure to relieve his toil.

Still, he sits in spite of this
Quietly laboring in his terrible office
taking in the waste of this world.
Keeping coffee cups from purgatory
once their fresh brewed glory is spent.
They come to him seeking an end.
And he delivers.

He is free in this. His fate is set.
Your insult is nothing.

What is your purpose, bichon frise?

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